Barefoot and Soul is a blog about stuff we know; like running and back pain. Stuff we’re into; like food and wellbeing. Stuff we’re trying out; like  100 runs in 100 days. Stuff we’re figuring out; like how to fit it all in when kids change everything.

Our latest blog series “active inspiration” is a collaboration of posts written by our physiotherapy clinic team. These posts are set to inspire activity in a multitude of forms. From backyard cricket to group fitness or being active and scootering with your children. We hope you also can find some inspiration embedded in these posts.

When we’re not writing this blog we run a physiotherapy clinic

Here you can find team updates, who is new, who has left and who is doing exciting things.

We also have a dedicated minimalist footwear website

Also our sister blog geared towards University Students health and wellness tips.

We hope that in the future this blog will become a forum for independent thought and debate on all things training, injury prevention, food and active lifestyle (big dreams). If you’re an expert in something, or passionate about something, curious about something, or experimenting with something, and you’d like to contribute a guest post please email Amy with your ideas (

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