Reporting from the action : Northface 100

From Gayle (In Sydney)

So here we are heading off for the North Face 100 with talented Vibram FiveFingers/ Barefoot Inc sponsored athletes Brendon Keenan and Kristian Day.

The preparation has all been done and we are ready to go ahead with racing and having a good time; I will be having the good time, the boys will be racing.

In preparation for this, Brendon has clocked on average 150-200km per week in training. A huge amount of milage. To hear an interview Brendan follow this link

Along with doing distance work he has been following a strength work program (think shorter training runs with sprints and stairs as well as core stabiliser exercises) to support him with the rough terrain he will be having to move over during the race.

He has been following a strictly wholefood diet, incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables, bone broth, fish, wholegrains and iron-rich lambs fry.

Kristian is a rather free spirited athlete, and still young enough to not get too much punishment dealt out by his body when he breaks the rules.

He has done milage and strength work too, but not followed such a structured program. He runs as far and as fast as he feels like or has time for in any one day. He loves to run, and is pretty serious about racing so he gets in enough milage through this process.

Kristian is vegetarian and uses fats as his primary fuel source, so he has been eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs with lots of butter and cream and wholegrains. He even gave up alcohol and coffee for the event, so it should be good.

They are both beautiful runners to see run – they run like elves through the forest, make no sound, don’t break any branches, just fly and flow – real inspiration.

We are nursing no injuries for this event. Let the good times roll!

Just a little note for all athletes – and actually all everybodies – always wear calf compression when you fly – any distance. its not just for old people, preventing calf swelling is essential for performance (there are some good studies done with the netball players in sports science journals) and improving venpous return as well as preventing DVT’s. They happen even in healthy people!

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