Carl: Helens Progress

Last week we had our first official re-assessment, it was a little over due because of Helens trip to Sydney. I was hoping for good results but you never know how a trip away effects progress  – you have to consider training, nutrition and stress (including the actual travel itself). I was pleasantly surprised! Here were the findings:


  • Pec major both sides: Normal ROM
  • Pec minor both sides: Normal ROM
  • Lat dorsii both sides: Normal ROM
  • Thoracic rotation: Normal ROM
  • Scapula upward rotation: Normal ROM
  • Squat pattern: Improved with a very slight hip shift
  • Lower abdomina strength: 100%!!
  • General leg strength (lunge pattern) – much improved
Pretty good aye?!
Helen in the squat test


  • Still restricted R Piriformis – although much improved
  • Still restricted R TFL, ITB and Rectus femoris –  although much improved
  • Still a slight weakness in R glute medius
  • TA weakness & under-facilitated

Why these improvements?

I think that Helens relatively short term success is attributed to a few things:

  1. Following the plan: Helen has been very good at completing her at home exercise routine allowing the under-facilitated musculature to start firing again.
  2. Treatment from the team at Willis Street Physio: I have seen Helen after her physio appointments and have noticed a huge difference in her functional movement!
  3. Dealing with emotion issues: Using some of the technique discussed in Helens previous post and I think the mystery healer in Sydney may have helped here too!
  4. Postural awareness: Training makes up such a small percentage of the day, its what you do the rest of the day that really counts! How you hold yourself whilst standing, how you move and how you sit. I often find that having the initial assessment has a real impact on ones mindfulness and can have an immediate positive impact after the session as people become aware of their movement and posture, often reducing pain. I think this has had a big impact on Helens core conditioning and postural improvements.

Where to from here:

Given the improvements I have reduced and changed Helens daily stretch routine to really hone in on the core issues such as: TFL, ITB and piriformis tightness and TA and glute med weakness. Now we are also able to focus on some other areas that weren’t priority in the last programme such as: Scapula biomechanics, rotator cuff weakness and focus on recruiting the TA in some other big primal pattern movements. I also think we need to really focus on the main goal and work on conditioning Helen for walking, so there will be a little shift in the plan and we will reduce the running and increase conditioning for walking specifically. I will discuss this issue and the new programme in depth next time.

Part of a new exercise in Helens strength routine, can you guess what it is?

I’d like to say great work Helen and great work team, its all heading in the right direction! I will have another post soon showing Helens complete year plan and the programme for the next block 🙂

Yours in health and wellness!


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