Squeeze it in


As a busy working mom, it’s always hard to find the time to get in the necessary training in order to actually be fit and strong enough to take part in the events I want to; and not get injured or suffer too much when I want to head out into the beautiful uninhabited parts of the country. ‘

Take the 20 Minutes


It was a beautiful day and I realised that I had 20min to kill before doing the school pick up. So I popped on my running kit, and my ultraspire Spry vest, added some bananas in the back for the sure-to-be-ravenous kids who as a consequence of my free 20minutes were going to have to walk back from Seatoun school to Breaker Bay;  and ran through the green belt to the school.



Now I realise that in most parts of the world getting this kind of scenery and terrain on a school pick up is pretty unlikely, but in my corner of the world it’s all possible. Now the trick to getting the most out of this is only having just enough time to get there so you really push it for the run, particularly the stairs and the climb so that you have gotten in the golden time of 13-16minutes of high intensity training, with a walk home through the walkway and barefoot along the beach as a good cool down.


Then when we get home we do some more exercises:


Squats – with resistance. I have a 17kg and a 17.5kg resistance that I can do squats with. I have been working with theses weights since they were about 7kg so have been doing some progressive high rep- low load training over the past few years. Let them sit on your shoulders.  These weights come with built in motivational voice-overs such as that’s awesome mommy, only 5 more to go mommy. I’m glad that they have gotten a bit better at counting too.


Playgrounds- don’t sit on the bench in the freezing wind, join in and climb the climbing wall or use the monkey bars for dips and chin ups.


Skip with or without a skipping rope, jump on the kids’ trampoline. Every little bit that you squeeze into your day makes a big difference to give your all round strength and background fitness and makes your dedicated training time go that much further.

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