Catching Smile (In Honor of International Day of Happiness)

The worlds we create in our minds can take us to these wonderful most amazing places that we have ever seen, however they also take us to the darkest scariest places that one could ever think of too.

It is amazing how each individual lives in each’s own world. Our reality is just that.  Mine. Yours. Our perception make up what we see and how we read how this funny moment is taking place. Simply by someone writing on their… yes… I’m going to use it… on their facebook wall a simple statement of,  “you make me smile”. Tons of different people, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends are either going to take it personally and feel good about the fact that “you make me smile”, emotion high, or they will take it personally and start wondering who that person is that isn’t them, and what are they missing to not make a smile arise and the emotion falls to a low.

Our reality, locks how we feel, through filling in the blanks. Those blanks are either positive or negative, confident or having low self-esteem. It is incredible. All the different realities we create about each other, about ourselves every chance that we get.

When I took a walk to the ocean today, I went to the same place I go to time and time again. This time though, I was more present than I have been. I went by that huge washed up log and noticed for the first time a plaque stationed right by it.  It simply stated something like this: So you are here now.  Might I make a suggestion. Have a seat, get comfortable and forget everything else that is going on in your world,  close your eyes and listen to now. Once you have caught that smile, say thank you.

Feeling free and wonderful, I took a squat by the ocean and followed the advice, it is amazing when you find that simple smile and I will remember to do that more often. As my feet took me back over the crushed seashells, rocks turning into sand, I realized that everything else is there, but this moment is what really matters, this is where I am and this is what I feel with each step, each thought, here, now.

There are moments that a person gets to really know what it feels like to be in the moment. That is my reality, enjoying when those tiny escapes happen from my own mind. Grounding. Breathing. Feeling. Real.

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