Looking at yourself what do you see?

Someone who thinks, is, and can be

Someone who listens, speaks and respects

And on the surface feels accepted and not like one of the rejects.

Looking at your reflection needs more time.

At least thats what I need when I look at mine.

Now look in your heart and what does it show,

a shining light that soo wants to glow.

Pieces of pain, of love and laughter

All these combined create so many chapters.

All the stories, each one unique,

biting the lip to keep looking deep.

To see oneself is the most intimate one can be

but to show another… wouldn’t it feel free??

Thoughts, reflections, experiences of truth,

keep showing your honesty, your bliss, even if it’s uncouth

The last one you see before you close your eyes,

is the first who knows beyond the skies

if you are happy or if you are blue

So look in the mirror at the reflection of you.

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