Vic Staff Wellness Programme

Attention Vic Staff – Great opportunity!

Want to work on your fitness and well-being in a supportive environment?

Willis Street Physiotherapy has teamed up with Victoria University to put together 3 fantastic events (free of  charge) focused on improving the well-being of Victoria University staff members.

What: Functional fitness with Carl Hammington, personal trainer

When: Tuesday 17th June  @ 3-4pm

Where: Level 9, Willbank Court, 57 Willis Street

Carl Hammington, personal trainer and director of ‘Best me’ will run ‘Introduction to Functional Fitness for Vic Staff’ located at the gym at Willis Street Physiotherapy (Level 9, 57 Willis Street)

Functional fitness is all about optimizing movement, having fun and getting fit in the process. Carl works with people of all fitness levels, from absolute beginners, through to elite athletes. As well as being a wellness coach and a personal trainer, Carl is absolutely passionate about the big picture. Helping people to achieve a sustainable level of fitness in a supportive environment.

Please register interest by emailing


The singlet didn't stay white for long....2013-10-01 02.08.19

What: Seminar ‘Consider more than calories; why eating real food is the key to a sustainably healthy body’ with Naturopath Felicity Leahy.

When: Wednesday 18th June, @ 1-2pm

Where: Room SU218, Victoria University, Kelburn

Felicity will talk about the importance of nutrient dense foods; how sugar vs. protein vs. fat work in the body; why you must eat some fat to lose fat; importance of a healthy liver, role of stress hormones, and some general information on the world’s healthiest populations and what they eat.

FelicityBig fresh salad with pan-fried salmonTo Be Juiced

What:  ‘Back Care 101: Why it starts with good sitting, standing and handling’  – Workshop with Nick Conn, physiotherapist and clinic director.

When: Friday 4th July, @ 1-2pm

Where: Room SU218, Victoria University, Kelburn

Nick will deliver a back care/postural awareness workshop.

The session will involve:
  • a quick run through of some principles of discomfort and injury prevention and management
  • some brief anatomy and biomechanics
  • mostly we will do a practical session on standing posture, sitting posture and a lift or two
Be ready to move around and practise these postures and activities. You won’t need to be in gym gear, just wear whatever you wear to work.
Nick will be able to answer specific questions you have.

Nick for blog back pic 1


So come along Vic Staff, grab your colleagues and make the most of this great opportunity to be treat your bodies.

To show interest or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing


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