Welcome to the team Justin

Justin is a young doctor who is excited to get involved in sports medicine. After graduating from the University of Otago, he went to Taranaki for his junior doctor years. He enjoyed rotating through general medicine, surgery and orthopaedics but he sparked his interest in sports medicine by enrolling in a post-graduate diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine. He passed the surgical primary exam last year to start as an orthopaedic registrar and recently sat the sports medicine primary, looking at a career in sports medicine.

Although Justin is a born and bred Kiwi, his family is originally from South Africa. He is the youngest of four children and has a twin sister (who is a ballerina in England). He grew up in Tauranga and is a loyal Waikato/Bay of Plenty supporter. Growing up, sport has always been a passion for Justin. He enjoys a variety of sports and has competed competitively in a few. He represented New Zealand in Judo as a junior and played in the occasional representative level cricket tournament while at school. Justin is keen to give most sports a go and has tried a variety of sports socially, such as tennis, squash, futsal, indoor cricket and Muay Thai.

He recently got engaged to his fiancé Sarah and is excited to plan their wedding for next year. In his spare time Justin loves to play guitar and get outdoors, whether it’s going on a weekend tramp or just throwing a ball with his mates.

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