Clinician Profile #1 – Elaine Pollard

Our first clinician profile comes from Elaine Pollard who joined the Willis Street Physiotherapy team a few months ago.  Elaine also treats out at Wellington Sports Med and Healthfit Collective, takes patients for sessions on the Alter G treadmill.

Why did you get into physiotherapy as a profession?

The body fascinates me. I wanted to be in a growing profession with an open mind. I loved the individual nature of the job- the varying specificity from one person to the next. I was always inspired by physios I met growing up- their ability to make great changes to someone’s wellbeing with their hands and voice.

What type of patients do you particularly like treating?

I enjoy working with anyone who is motivated to reach a higher level of health and fitness. I particularly enjoy treating sporting shoulders and knees. I also have a new found fascination with tendinopathies!

What are your strengths as a clinician?

With almost every client I will bring other professions into the IDT and management plan (with clients consent)- generally other physios with specific skills related to the client, psychologist, nutritionist, sports physician, GP, employer and podiatrist.

I don’t get offended if the client is not improving- I accept that the ‘fit’ is not right or that someone else has a more particular set of skills to suit the client and I refer them on.

Give us a little bit of a professional background. Where have you worked in the past? What qualifications do you have? etc

Studied my undergraduate degrees in Aberdeen, Scotland (just think Wellington but colder and minus the wind)!! Worked in private practice in Napier Hawkes Bay for 5 years- occupational Physiotherapy for ACC Stay at work, Functional reactivation and work ready programmes (all heavily rehab based). DHB contract- post-op joint replacement rehab, chronic injuries and some women’s health physio. Pitch-side physio for rugby. Neurodynamic and injury-prevention assessments and workshops.

Currently studying towards Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

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