Welcome to the team Isobel Weeks! (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)

We are pleased to welcome pelvic health physiotherapist to the Willis Street Physiotherapy team.

Isobel specialises in:

  • Women’s health
  • Incontinence, particularly in athletes
  • Dyspareunia (pain during sex)
  • Pain related to pregnancy and post natal diastasis recti (separation of the 6 pack muscles)
  • Other disorders of the pelvic floor

Isobel graduated from the University of Cumbria in the UK in 2011 with a MSc. (Pre-Reg) Physiotherapy. Isobel developed an interest in Pelvic Health disorders when placed on a Women’s Health rotation at The Royal London Hospital as a rotational Junior Physiotherapist at Barts’.

Since leaving the UK 2 years ago, Isobel has experienced working in Wellington for a year and has recently returned after a position in the remote Northern Territory. Here she had the opportunity to consolidate her learning and further her practice to offer clinical Pilates as well as applying her knowledge of pelvic health disorders and muscular skeletal issues in relation to obstetrics and incontinence disorders.

Previous to training as a Physiotherapist Isobel gained a BSc. Hons in Biological Sciences and Media through Royal Holloway, University of London. Following this Isobel worked for the BBC and has a passion for promoting good health advice based on evidence based practice and debunking myths. Part of the reason she moved to New Zealand was to enjoy the fantastic tramping and to get more involved in sports activities.

Welcome to the team Isobel, we are excited to have you aboard!

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