It’s time for some focus



Having Carl Hammington join our team at Willis Street Physiotherapy was just the motivation I needed to get myself onto a focused exercise program.


I have worked with Carl professionally for nearly five years now, and he is truly an inspirational trainer that gets the “but-that’s-impossible” results.


To be honest I am just a little afraid that he is going to make me suffer and end up doing single handed handstands on a ball while balancing a medicine ball on one of me feet (I hope I haven’t just given him any ideas), but that really isn’t possible – yet 🙂


With the fuel injection we all get in Spring to get fitter, I got Carl to do my assessment and work on a program for me. There is something incredibly awesome about getting someone else to tell you what to do exercise wise, with a program tailored just for you – for what your goals are, and for what your body actually needs. As a healthcare professional I know what to do, I generally know how to do it, but I tend to get bored with the details of actually doing it. Yes, I am human just like the rest of us.


My goals are to get stronger in order  to address postural weakness, become more agile and improve my dynamic balance. And get bikini abs in the process (vanity is a great motivator).


During testing Carl found enough things to work on to keep us busy for some time, but the biggest focus points:


  1. Transverse abdominals – yes at least half of my job is getting other people to strengthen theirs, but 6 years after having children and mine still haven’t recovered… On a scale of 5 for the test, I scored a 2 (I sneakily have been doing these every day since the test so that  it’s better by the next session. Great thing about TA strengthening- results come quickly when they are weak).

  2. My right shoulder is slightly unstable and has a tendency toward dislocation, so I consequently can’t sleep on my right side. Because the initial injury was sustained as a student with a fellow student practicing on me – studying physiotherapy can be hazardous to your health – I haven’t ever trusted anyone to treat it. So I was unsurprised to have excessive outward rotation in this shoulder, but was surprised to find that I have very limited inward rotation. This is a good thing – it means we can correct the imbalance in the shoulder and thereby make it more stable. How exciting. One should never accept one’s limitations.


Then there’s several other component of the pelvic sling which contribute to hip stability to work on too, let’s do it.


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