Training Day 1


It’s as I feared – all of the important (as in not that easy to do) and none of the cruisey. I’m thrilled!


So we start with the not-so-comfortable foam roller, and move onto some not-so-comfortable stretches before we get to the challenging but do-able exercises. It all feels very manageable, although I find myself having to do a bit more co-ordinating that I would normally add to my exercise routines. I tend to train in the forward and backwards directions with my swimming and running, and do very little in the sideways and nothing in the rotational plane when exercising.


The strange thing after 1 training session, was the sensation of walking taller, feeling my transverse abdominus recruited and a general feeling of comfort and ease. Imagine how things will be in 8 weeks time. Summer holidays are genuinely around the corner – hard to believe that it is actually Summer if you live somewhere other than Wellington, and I genuinely need this focused training to get into the shape I want to be in to do the things I like to do on Summer holiday comfortably (including hanging around in a bikini!).


I know why this works this way, Carl has a special skill in recruiting the neuro-muscular system so that we do a large amount of motor learning during the session. This means it’s exciting for the nervous system and therefore more work without being excessively strenuous. It’s the train smarter version of training that is so effective. Yay I am so excited and motivated(and I hope I won’t be too stiff tomorrow).


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