How Hammington Helps

I’m so excited that Carl has joined the team at Willis Street Physiotherapy!  He’s the perfect addition to the team and I know just how much value he’s going to add to what’s already a great clinic (not that I’m biased at all).

When I first met Carl he was sporting a mo in support of Movember and shopping for his next pair of Five Fingers at WSP.  I had heard of him before through a number of people, including Gayle Snyders, hearing that he was the best trainer in town, and now I was finally able to put a face (albeit with disturbing facial hair) to the name.

Months later an email from Carl triggered our collaboration that became Best Me.  It also triggered a blog series here on Barefoot and Soul about my rehab journey to get me running again.  I’m pretty skeptical about most personal trainers and their understanding of movement and health and I’ve met my fair share of them, as well as physio’s, sports doctors and other body workers over the years.  I’ve had biomechanical issues of some sort or other since primary school, so I’ve learned how to pick the professionals who really know their stuff.  And so I don’t pick a trainer lightly.  Enter Carl Hammington.  After a few good chats I sussed out Carl’s approach, and I liked it.  He is the most holistic trainer I’ve met.  He loves geeking out on movement, fun and physiology (hence making the Deans List on completing his degree), communicates great and knows how to apply his knowledge practically, all while making the process interesting, inspiring and fun.  His passion definitely shines through in how he works.  Which is great for those of us in need of a top notch biomechanic.

Activating VMO and glutes
Activating VMO and glutes

Some of you may have read our blog posts last year on my journey towards being able to run again.  We set a bold goal (considering my starting point) of being able to complete the first Spartan Race in Australia, pain free and to climb The Castle (in NSW) also pain free.  And voila!  I (we) did it!  I feel (and look) like I move better than I have in years, thanks to the guidance of Carl.   It was definitely not a case of “no pain no gain” either – a phrase Carl detests!  Achieving the results you want, whether it’s being able to move properly, reduce pain, to rehab from injury, increase your fitness or to look hot in a bikini, comes from listening to your body and working with it, not against it.

On the Castle summit
On the Castle summit

I’m truly grateful to have come across Carl, as I know are several of my patients (who I’ve already referred on to him).  I know you will be too should you book in to see him, and now’s a great time to do so.  He’s been booked out for months, but with this new time slot open at Willis Street Physio, now’s your chance to get in with him before he books out again!  You’ll be glad you did.

Welcome to the team Carl!

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