Get Fit, Stay Fit – Olivia’s Story

Olivia is our fantastic receptionist at Willis Street Physiotherapy, I’ve twisted her arm to share her fitness journey with Carl as her new personal trainer. Why? Because I think a lot of us can identify with Olivia – keen to get fit, struggling to find the time and sometimes the motivation.

Over to you Olivia ;

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Previous exercise/activity:
I tried Hot-yoga recently and really enjoyed it, and wanted to keep going, however, I came up against a lack of motivation and energy to get to the classes.
I Was signed up to the gym, but left due to many reasons, motivation was one of them, also I found the gym really boring and wasn’t sure which machines I should be using.

Where I am at now:
Not doing much exercise at all, I walk around oriental bay every now and again.
Trying to eat right, seeing Helen to improve my well-being on the nutritionist side of things.

Short term goals:
Sticking to the program, seeing Carl once a fortnight (weekly if possible).
Improving my energy levels, not being soo tired all the time.
See my fitness improve, be able to walk up the steps to Victoria University clinic without struggling and stopping half way to catch my breath.

Mid term goals:
See some physical results, toned muscles, extra strength in my arms, able to do 10-20 push ups without struggling.
More core strength
Able to go for runs (2-3km) without feet and ankles hurting (doing exercises to strengthen these muscles).

Long term goals:
Comfortably wear a bikini, tone up (losing weight would be a huge bonus)
Able to go for runs (5km) without being in pain.
Improved fitness and energy.

The First session with Carl:
30 minute session. Mainly just went through my range of movement, what my goals are, previous exercise and how often I am looking at working out a week (3-4 times). Looking to do a body fat percentage test at my next session and them will work out an exercise program.
I’m currently trying to go for long power walks/jogs at least 2 times a week.

Second Session with Carl;
He ran through some calculations to work out my body fat percentage using the dreaded skin-fold caliper. I also did a fitness test to work out my fitness level by doing a 5 minute step session to get my heart rate up, then he took my heart a few times which calculated my fitness level to be at the lower end of average – definitely need to do some work to improve this!

We talked a lot about goals and where Carl would like me to be (tone and fitness wise), where I would like to see myself and how long it would take to get there. With ALOT of hard work I am hoping that by Christmas/January I can definitely see improvements and hopefully would of reached my short term goals of fitness improvement and being able to squeeze into my old jeans 🙂

The session was great. I worked up a bit of sweat running through my program which consists of some foam rolling stretches which I found really helpful around my hips. Sitting at reception all day tends to make my hips and lower back feel a bit achy, so the foam roller stretches made me feel amazing afterwards, like I’ve just been for a massage.

I also find it really good that I am using a range of different equipment that I’ve never known how to use before, the swiss ball, the vipr, the kettle bell and even the yoga mat. I also love going back to basics and using the treadmill and love that this have also been incorporated into my workouts.

Carl has given me 3 stretches that I plan to do every day.
My workout involves 8 exercises where I will be doing 3 lots of 10 reps. I will also be finishing with cardio either on the bike or treadmill.
I will be doing this workout at least twice a week to begin with.

Next week I will be joining Carl again, but not for a personal trainer session. Instead I will be taking part in his FASTFIT class, a small class where getting fit is meant to be FUN!!

FASTFIT is open to everyone so if you’d like to join Olivia in her quest to get fit come down at 5.15 on Tuesday to Willis Street Physiotherapy. $25. Reserve your spot by emailing or just pop along and see what it’s all about.

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