Clarity of Life

Feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges? Needing some clarity on what you actually want? Do this simple exercise to help manage your personal goals better.

Sometimes referred to as the armadillo circle, this helps you filter out your challenges. The ones you want and the ones you could do without.

First have a piece of paper, size is dependent on the amount of things you are juggling. Then draw two circles, like a target.circle_with_target_clip_art

The inner circle are where you put down the things you are 100% positive about their permanence in your life, the things you need, people in your life you enjoy and want to stay and other things you hold as value.

The second outer circle are the challenges, people, things, and other, that you invite to be apart of your life. This is what you allow to be in your life at any given time.

The third circle is recognizing those that you don’t want, don’t need and want nothing to do with. By recognizing these habits, people, places..etc. you are able to keep them out of your circle, so it is important that this step does not leave anything out.

Once you have completed this circle, look at it once more and brainstorm ways you are going to accomplish maintaining your target circle. Achieving those goals you have in the first circle, accepting those in the second circle and cutting the strings on the outer circle.

“The more of me I be, The clearer I can see.” 
― Rachel Archelaus


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