Things to remeber about stretching

Nowadays people are getting more and more into the ways of stretching, we do this by yoga, by our own routines, statically, and dynamically. But here are couple things you should keep in mind about your stretching. There is a wrong way to do it.

Not stretching is one of most common ways of injuring yourself. By reaching for your feet you are already allowing your muscles to relax and create strength. If you stretch one day, than not for a couple days then again… you are not going to notice a difference. Being consistent with your stretches, as with any workout is important, this is what gets you results. The timing of your stretch is a big problem too. Most people think you need to stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning, or just before you workout, but the truth is, your body needs to warm up first to loosen up, and to get that blood flowing. So do your warm up, not by stretching but by walking, a quick jog, do some intervals of stairs, then start your stretch routine. 

The biggest way to not stretch properly, which should be be automatic, is breathing. We forget to breathe when we are stressed, when we are working hard. Breathe is what gives you life… so remember that you NEED to breathe, this not only helps the stretch relax more into a deeper more meaningful movement, but also allows you to let go. Yoga practice is a great way to stretch properly, it makes sure you are warmed up, doing it consistently and that you breathe. 

So take a minute and stretch. Get up from your computer and walk around the office, stretch and renew yourself. 

3 thoughts on “Things to remeber about stretching

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