Latest research in biomechanics

At Willis Street Physiotherapy we are passionate about clinical research and currently have two members of the team (Anna and Grant)  completing their Masters research. In this blog-post we have a brief introduction to Anna’s area of study; we’ll be introducing Grant’s topic soon, and will keep you posted as their research progresses. It’s great to be at the cutting edge of clinical thinking,  the whole team (and clients)  benefit.

Below Anna talks about her area of study;

“Reduced ankle flexibility is associated with a number of injuries including knee sprains, shin splints, and Achilles strains. This is thought to be due to the impact of ankle inflexibility on movement at other joints during activities such as running and jumping. Ankle bracing restricts ankle movement and therefore could also increase the risk of injury. My study will investigate how ankle flexibility and ankle bracing affects leg movement, and landing forces, during jumping activities. The senior netball teams at Rangitoto College in Auckland are helping out as study participants, at the biomechanics laboratory at AUT Millenium.”

Many thanks to Rangitoto College Auckland for their support with this project. We’ll keep you posted as the research progresses.

Anna blog image

Anna (above) taking time out from her packed schedule of  treating clients and studying, to do something that requires some pretty awesome balance, and a heap of positive energy.

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