Pilates at Willis Street Physio

Morice Crandall is Willis Street Physio’s Pilates teacher. She has a studio, Lofft, on The Terrace. After you’ve finished your rehab with one of our physios Morice can help you make sure your body gets back into alignment and that you build your core strength, flexibility and mobility in a gentle way.


Morice is a certified Pilates teacher and a licensed Gyrokinesis instructor. She offers private sessions and small group classes, which include Posturecise Pilates and Gyrokinesis, which she describes as being like a blend of yoga, Tai Chi and dance.


Morice also has a regular blog that gives tips on posture and how you can feel better. You can like her Lofft page on Facebook to see her posts or go to her website www.lofft.co.nz to find out more about her classes.

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