Have you ever done a Pilates class?

Pilates 1


Well a month ago I would have said “I have never been to a Pilates class before”.
But my eyes were opened when I visited a wee Pilates studio on the Terrace called ‘Lofft’.

Lofft is run by Morice, a passionate and well educated woman, who believes that posture is a very important part of our everyday lives.

She came to me from my recent blog ‘new year, new body’ to ​invite me to a one-on-one session to talk about posture awareness and that is important that I use the correct posture while exercising, but also how Pilates can help me get to my goal of fitting into that bikini in November this year.

I arrived at Lofft and was handed a questionnaire/consent form to fill out and discus with Morice. This is a critical step so Morice can find out a bit more about you and where your body level is at and if you have any injuries, this ensures you are starting at the correct level of Pilates training.

Morice showed me how I should be sitting by altering a few bad habits I have. I also felt my core switch on – which for me, was like switching a lightbulb on in my body. For once I felt like I was doing things right.

Morice then showed me the correct posture for lying down. She used some great gadgets to ensure that the movements I was doing was still activating my core and not using too much of my back muscles (which had been a problem for me in the past).

I have since been to the gym and used these techniques, especially while doing core work like sit ups, swiss ball exercises and squats.
At home I practice a lot of the standing techniques, while im cooking in the kitchen and while standing in front of a mirror brushing my teeth.

I have found that my back hasn’t been as sore after practicing these techniques, I even feel a bit lighter possibly due to correct posture. I am definitely keen to continue with Morice’s sessions.


For information about Morice you can either contact Willis Street Physiotherapy on 3848313 or check out http://www.lofft.co.nz, or email morice@lofft.co.nz or phone her directly on 021 374 367.

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