Welcome to the team Binnari!

We are extremely excited to welcome Binnari to the musculoskeletal team here at Willis Street Physiotherapy.  She will be sharing her time working at both the Willis Street and Kelburn clinic.

Born in South Korea, Binnari immigrated to NZ with her family in 1998.  She lived and went to a high school in North Shore, Auckland and studied physiotherapy at AUT .

After 5 years of being together, in 2011 she married her husband Simon whose job involves moving around country every1-2 years as an Orthopaedic Registrar at public hospitals.  Over the past 4 years as a married couple, they have moved from Auckland to New Plymouth, to Napier, and to Wellington.  Currently they are settled in the spacious and peaceful Lower Hutt.

Working in private musculoskeletal practices over the last 6 years, Binnari has developed a special interest in the areas of neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy, in particular, neurodynamics dysfunction, correcting faulty movement patterns, and completed further training in deep spine stability rehabilitation.  Binnari is passionate in helping with back problems, especially Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain and for those requiring surgery due to non-resolving mechanical instability.  Binnari’s rehab exercises are aimed at retraining the brain to retrain the body.

Just prior to joining WSP, Binnari also worked as a vocational rehab provider.  This role has enriched Binnari with skills to identify potential barriers (physical and psychosocial) to one’s optimal recovery, and to implement more holistic ways to achieve best functional outcome possible.  You will often hear Binnari rant about self management strategies and healthier well-being habits.

Outside work, Binnari loves being outdoor with her best buddy (who is also her hubby) snow-skiing in the winter and playing golf when not carving up the mountains.  Most weekday evenings, Binnari hits the gym to stay fit and relieve from daily stress.  She also loves to have people come over to share her ever-so-improving home-cooked Korean cuisine – it would be sensible to give her a heads-up how much spiciness you can handle!

Welcome to the team Binnari!!

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