Why I play golf….

A couple of years ago I decided to take up golf – I thought it was time to try a new sport having previously played hockey, but the brutality of the sport meant I kept getting injured playing it!  Golf appeared to be far more subdued and slower paced, however no less challenging.  It helped that my boyfriend already played so he could lend me some clubs to start off with to see if the game appealed.

I started at the driving range and discovered hitting balls was a great way to let out stress at the end of a week.  When on the rare occasion when I would hit the ball really well, it made me determined to keep practising and driven to go back for more.

I moved on to going to the small 9 hole courses before graduating to play a whole 18 holes; only when I felt confident enough I wasn’t too slow, holding everyone up.  While doing this, I found out that a few friends also played so golf became a social occasion as well.

I have now joined a club and try to get out most weekends over summer, I’m not going to lie, it is tough getting out there in the middle of winter!!  I find that it’s a very good way to get in a 4 hour walk, around 14,000 steps, without even feeling like you have to exercise; along with hanging out with your mates.  It can be as social as you want, with twilight competitions going on over the summer months after work,  having a beer in hand is a common sight.  It can be as serious as you want with tournaments in the weekend along with interclub.  If you are a competitive person, you can check out your handicap online once you’ve joined a club and watch how it is tracking after each round in comparison to every other male or female in the country.

It’s a self- motivating sport as you get out of it what you put in in terms of practise.  At times can be very frustrating and you feel like you can’t hit a ball to save yourself, and then something will click and you do an amazing shot, which proves to yourself why you play the game.  Maybe next time you are going past a driving range, you should pop in and try hitting some balls…..you never know, you might just get hooked like I did.

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