A day in the Life of a Rest Home Physio

Nikki Wheeler

A Day In The Life Of A Rest Home Physio


Nikki has been working for Willis Street Physio since March this year in our aged care team.

We caught up with Nikki to find out more about what her working day is like.

What does your daily routine consist of?

First off I usually have a debrief with the registered nurses to get any updates, then I have a chat with the physio assistant and together we plan out our day.

After that we visit current residents, take them for walks and work on strengthening with some residents who have specific needs. We also assess any new residents that come in.

Manual handling with rest home staff is another big part of my job too.


What is your favourite part of working in aged care?

I love that it is slower paced than private practice, it is also really flexible.  I also enjoy developing relationships with the residents.  Many of them don’t have much interaction with people outside the home and they really appreciate the company and time you spend with them.  It is a really rewarding role.


What are some challenges?

When residents pass away for when they have difficult behavioural issues, that can be quite challenging.


Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I think in the future it would be quite nice to have a mix of private practice and aged care.


Fun fact about Nikki

Nikki opened a physio clinic in Tanzinia and learnt to speak Swahili.

Nikki 1

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