Body Loving with Erin

The term “boot camp” usually brings about a feeling of fear in most. It reminds us of times when we were made to feel at our lowest in the hopes that we would “toughen up” and then suddenly feel better. This is the very reason I hate using the term “boot camp” to describe what I did over summer every Tuesday and Thursday. There were no scales, no tape measures, no one yelling in your face, no tears and no hate at the boot camp I went too. I would rather use the term “body loving”. I spent my summer at body love blueprint.

I was fortunate enough to spend 10 weeks of my off season with a group of like minded, amazing girls, working out. Sometimes our warm ups for our workouts consisted of pretending to be animals and other times it consisted of just having a boogie to some booty music. Body love blueprint is all about bringing positive energy to our workouts, the way we view exercise, and more importantly the way we view ourselves, no matter what shape or size.

The workouts are always designed in a way that no one is exposed as such. All the workouts are only ever based on what you yourself can do. The workout is YOUR workout and no one else’s. The focus is on technique. Quality over quantity.

The blue print is a holistic approach to exercise. As well as workouts we also had a nutrition evening, a goal setting evening at lulu lemon and an end of year function.

I have meet some amazing girls and women through joining this community and continue to gain inspiration daily from their positive energy. It’s a movement for women that I’m proud to be a part of, hence why I’m currently doing round two with my beautiful mother!

If there is one quote I could leave you with, that always reminds me of body love blueprint it would

be this:

“Work out and exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it”

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