Mid week (hump day) morning antics

Rolling out of bed this morning at 5:20am I wanted to tap the snooze button like a cow longs for grass in the center of the sand ridden Sahara. My eyes squinty like they had never seen sun, and body tender from my boxing class last night.  

I felt relatively unprepared for my first Healthfit training session, afraid that the session might be too advanced for me. I chucked on some gym clothes, flicked the sleep out of my eye and poured myself into my car. Uh oh running late too of course.  Zoomed down the motorway, parked up on Clyde Quay where I tentatively twaddled into the class which had already started.

From the moment I stepped into the gym the vibe was warming. I was greeted by Theo and directed onto the floor space which was almost full with eager jellybeans who gleamed at me.

We started off gently with some active stretches to warm up.  My poor hamstrings were singing out but in a way that you knew your body would love you for stretching post workout.  

From there the intensity picked up we did movements where our body weight was involved, free weights and lots of extension movements (a nice change from the majority of classes I have taken which are very flexion heavy). At all stages of the class we were given different difficulty options to suit our own capabilities.  This meant I was still able to push myself and get a good sweat on without being forced to a point of exhaustion or injury on my poor fatigued body.

My overall impression of my first Healthfit class springs words like , technique focused, work to your own level, supportive, diverse yet challenging.

I will definitely be returning to Healthfit to try out other classes. Not just for the enjoyment of the class but for the friendly boutiquey and family feel atmosphere the team have created down there.

I was more productive at work that day than I was for the whole rest of that week.

Getting up early got me feeling good, cleansed my mind, energised me, kept my boss happy and set me up for a great day.

Healthfit 5

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