Jumbo Tennis for a good cause

The combined team of Wellington Sports Medicine and Willis Street Physiotherapy are putting together three killer teams for tomorrow’s Nonsuch Consulting Jumbo Tennis 7s Tournament. The charity event is raising funds for Autism NZ and Island Bay Marine Education Centre. Last year a whopping $30,000 was raised so hopefully this year can do even better!

Introducing the mighty WSM/WSP incredible Jumbo Tennis athletes:

Emma O’Callaghan: Emerging from retirement post ACL reconstruction surgery, Emma has a background in tennis and is ready to pick up the racket and slot back into her old ways.

Francesca Graham: Another injured soldier, jumping back into sport after ankle surgery. Francesca may come from a sporting background, however after dabbling unsuccessfully in both badminton & tennis decided racket sports was not her thing.

Caroline Appleton: She has an impressive golf swing and is a bit of a squash superstar will Caroline’s racquet experience help her in this specialty jumbo game?  

Juliette Dowland: The class clown; everyone loves Juliette and we are sure to have a good laugh with her in our team. As much as she provides humour she has been renowned for performing extraordinarily well with little to no training before surf competitions (taking out medals even). Let’s not underestimate her determination to succeed.

Erin Roxburgh: The girl that spends more time as a patient in the physio room than actually at work, hopefully all of her multiple, never ending injuries allow her to play. Although we all know she will be on that court regardless.

Peter Snowden: Let’s hope his fitness can make up for his lack of hand-eye co-ordination. Not the most competent when it comes to ball sports but assures us that racket sports are more down his alley. Let’s hope he is right!

Bianca Huynen: She may look sweet on the outside but Bianca is one to look out for. Her swimmer’s shoulders may come in handy when it comes to carrying around a giant tennis racket!

Laura Seary: Our new addition joining us all the way from the UK is the lovely Laura. Could we be amidst a relative of the great Andy Murray?

Ruth Highet: Probably our most diverse player going into the comp, Ruth spent her youth on tennis and badminton courts. Let’s not forget to mention her success with the NZ Triathlon team, selection for the 1990 Commonwealth Games Triathlon and several subsequent World Triathlon championships. Ruth will certainly be one to watch out for on the court.

Chris Pratt: One of the two newbies that we all know little about. A sports register starting under Ruth Highet. We could have ourselves a tennis super star .. I do hear he has played tennis before.

Good luck players! Show’em what you’ve got!


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