Why I play Netball and Handball

People often ask me what sport I like best, I never have a reply. It’s like asking me to choose which parent I like best. People also often ask me how I fit both of these sports, games and training into my schedule….. I always have a simple answer, I love them both and it’s not a matter of fitting them into my schedule it’s a matter of fitting my schedule in around them (of course Uni work comes first….never).

I have been obsessed with Netball for essentially my whole life. I’ve played every single position on court at Prem level and I’ve now settled on Centre as my main position. Although what I really love about netball is the fact that all positions utilise a strength that everyone has, it’s a team sports that requires all seven girls on court to really work together and use each other’s strengths to the team’s best ability.

I only started playing handball last year courtesy of my partner. I now essentially took over and run the Women’s team at Spartanz handball. I love Handball because I can do all the things I’m not allowed to at netball. I can run and dribble with the ball and it’s a full contact sport. What I really love though it’s the sheer strength and athleticism that you’re able to use on the court when you take a shot. There is really no better feeling then jumping above a player or getting the ball in a nice spot and just slamming it into the back of the net.

What really has made me love both of these sports though is the amazing, like minded friends I’ve meet on the way. Two of my best friends, I don’t think I’ve never seen them in normal clothes its always gym clothes and netball shoes.

The girls at both of these sports are really what make me love the sports and come back year after year. What I always say to people is it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not at the sport, it’s the people who make your love for the game grow.

I also love the sheer challenge that it puts towards my fitness 6 days a week, although my body really doesn’t love me for playing both of these sports. In Netball I find myself every week hitting the wall at about the 20 min mark but just pushing through for that full 60 mins and same with handball.

I appreciate and thank both the sports for helping me to centre myself and forget about the world. My happy place is on a court with either a Handball or Netball in hand (still can’t choose which makes me happier!).



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