Victoria University Staff Wellness Month

Willis Street Physiotherapy and our friends at HealthFit Collective are delighted to be a part of this year’s Victoria University Staff Wellness Month.

There is a great line up of seminars, workshops, wellness promotions and activities under three broad themes.  Move Well, Think Well and Live well.

Willis Street Physiotherapy are offering $10 off Victoria Staff Private initial consultations for the month which ends on the 3rd July 2016.

Wellbeing workshops include an “Introduction to Mindfulness” workshop by HealthFit Collective‘s Psychologist, Sam O’Sullivan.

In this workshop you will focus on “gaining an understanding of why practising mindfulness improves wellbeing and performance, and experience mindful breathing through guided meditation.”

Sam’s workshop is on Monday 20th June 12pm- 12:45 – in room SU17/18 at the Kelburn campus.

Megan Sety, also from HealthFit Collective is holding a Yoga for stress management and relief workshop.  Megan is a registered yoga teacher who specialises in teaching yoga classes that help you keep your body healthy, pain-free and and stress-free.

Yoga offers a number of ways to manage chronic stress including restorative yoga poses, brief breathing practices and simple meditation. This workshop will give you an introduction and a chance to try a few different options that you can practice at home or work. This is a practical workshop – please wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in when lying down on the floor.

Megan’s workshop will be held on  Monday 27th June 12:pm – 12:45 in room SU17/18.

For more information/you would like to attend these workshops, contact Bianca Huynen

If you would like to book in for a physio appointment at either our Kelburn clinic or Willis Street clinic, give us a call on 043848313 or book online here.

Check out other workshops that may be of interest here.



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