Willis Street Physio Rehab Programmes

Willis Street Physiotherapy offers a rehabilitation structure that supports our clients all the way through to their final stages of recovery, ensuring they can safely and confidently stay in/return to work as well as their previous level of sport(s) or physical activity.

Initial recovery stages of injury rehabilitation include controlling pain and swelling, allowing damaged tissues to repair, restoring range of motion and reconditioning the strength and neuromuscular control of the affected area. The last phase is preparing the client specifically for their environment and functional activity at, or better than, pre-injury levels.

Our rehabilitation program offers an individualised transition from general exercises to functional and activity-specific strengthening exercises that replicate the movement patterns required to facilitate the clients return to sport/ activity. The physiotherapist will prescribe progressive exercise programs to target specific functional muscle groups, and establish measurable outcome measures as a way to monitor improvement. By addressing the biomechanical factors involved with the clients injury and understanding the demands of the clients physical goals, the physiotherapist will work to optimise the clients performance and minimise the risk of re-injury.

At Willis Street our Rehab Physios are Juliette Dowland, Peter Snowdon and Binnari Lee.

To book in for an appointment give us a call 043848313

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