Half an hour is all I need

“There aren’t enough hours in a day”

To an extent I agree with this saying. I am full of beans and a social butterfly.  I like to cram lots into my day and don’t wait around for things to happen.

However when it comes to the gym I sometimes flag the idea because I think it will take too long.  Well.. this was my mindset until mid last year.

Newly single and searching for something to fill the void, I sought comfort in both my friends and the gym. I found a great gym buddy who encouraged me to roll my pancake bum out of bed in the morning and work on my jump squats until my booty grew.. In a good way.

We discovered a 12 week online circuit programme which included a meal plan and stretches.

What a challenge it was, especially throughout the winter months, teeth chattering as we defrosted our frosted car windows in the dark and toddled down to the gym.

The programme consists of 4X7 minute circuits, with 30 seconds rest between each circuit, so a 30 minute programme altogether.

Yip that’s right.. 30 mins (the length of a Home and Away episode).

Circuit training

The meal plan is basic but achievable, reducing starchy carbs but everything in moderation.

I think deprivation is one of the cruelest things you can do to your body.

Boy can I eat!

I have an inkling I may be Nigella Lawson and Heston Bloomenthal’s secret love child.

As much as I love food, the intensity of the workouts and the nutritional balance I found (with the help of naturopath, Felicity Leahy) meant my body transformed.

I am now in the best shape of my life and happier than I have ever been. Endorphins?

I understand procrastination is a son of a gun but push through it because it only takes you 30 mins a day to find that reward.

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