What We Eat

Epic salads make the best meals :)
Epic salads make the best meals 🙂

So, from reading the last article on foods to feed your connective tissue, you’ll have worked out pretty much what we’re eating:  plenty of good fats (fermented skate / cod liver oil), ghee, good quality organic proteins (meat, fish, eggs), bone broths, lots of berries, lots of veggies, nuts and seeds.  But what does that look like on a daily menu?

A couple of standard - and delicious - breakfast options
Super quick and simple breakfast, lunch or dinner – eggs scramble with sauteed red onions and kale, topped with some fresh tomatoes, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper. Yum!

Mainly, it’s all fresh food, though both Carl and I use a range of super foods to top up our nutrient and antioxidant levels.  When you’re training you create more oxidation, so it’s a good idea to boost your antioxidant rich food intake when doing heavy training.

A few of the super foods we add to our diet.
A few of the super foods we add to our diet.

Here’s an example of what I eat:

On Rising 500ml water with a pinch of Lotus Macrobiotic Sea Salt2 teaspoons Good Green Stuff with morning supplements
Breakfast Pure Wellbeing Sprouted “Buckola” (sprouted buckwheat “cereal”) or Wrights Sprouts Raw Energy Meusli (raw sprouted quinoa, sunflower seeds and chia seeds) – roughly 50g, topped with about a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1 tspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon Pure Wellbeing MSM powder, 1 teaspoon Loving Earth Maca powder, preservative free coconut chips.  Served with coconut milk.  Sometimes I soak this over night with a tbsp raw milk kefir and water.
Morning tea Plum or blueberries or carrot sticks with hommos or avocado
Lunch Salad with mixed greens, Prodigal Pig pancetta, 2 boiled eggs, carrot and beetroot (either grated or cut into small cubed and roasted in ghee), capsicum, tomato, cucumber, fresh steamed corn (kernals cut off cob), quinoa (cooked in bone broth).  Dressed with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, organic balsamic vinegar, macrobiotic sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.Sometimes a simplified version of this at work.
Afternoon tea As with morning tea
Dinner Large salad (similar ingredients to lunch, without egg) with some protein – organic grain free preservative free sausages / salmon / lamb cutlets


Slow cooked organic beef Bolognese (made with bone broth and lots of veggies) served on a bed of zucchini noodles


Slow cooked lamb shanks a la Jamie Oliver

After dinner Good Green Stuff with my evening supplements.  Hampstead  Lemon Valerian tea
Drinks Filtered water, Organic India Tulsi Lemon and Ginger tea, Tulsi Indain Breakfast, Black adder tea, green tea
Other: ½ – 1 cup broth either as a drink before a meal or included in the meal (almost every day at the moment).
Breakfast Buckola
Breakfast Buckola
Salmon wrapped in Prodigal Pig Proscuitto, baked and served with steamed asparagus and fermetned veggies - sooo good!
Salmon wrapped in Prodigal Pig Proscuitto, baked and served with steamed asparagus and fermetned veggies – sooo good!

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