Jo’s top 5 tips for injury prevention


1) Warm up

Completing a warm up prior to exercise allows you to optimise your workout and ensure the body is ready. A warm up is a low level activity which increases the blood circulation throughout your muscles, tendons and ligaments and prepares the body for the upcoming demands of exercise.


2) Gradually increase time and frequency

Whether you are starting a new sport, training for an event or just trying to get fit

it is important that your enthusiasm doesn’t cause you to go too hard, too soon. The body takes time to adapt to increased demands so gradually increasing time and frequency allows the body to do this in a safe way.


3) Rest and recover

Rest days are essential to allow your muscles to recover and repair from the demands of your activity. Without rest days you can over stress certain muscle groups which can lead to injury.


4) Cross train

For a balanced workout programme try to include each of the following aspects to your workout; Resistance training, cardiovascular training, core strength, flexibility and balance. By incorporating each of these elements to your workouts your body will be in the best condition to avoid injury.


5) Listen to your body

If your body is giving you warning signs make sure you listen to them. These include symptoms like swelling, specific tenderness, joint tenderness and reduced range of motion. Pushing through these early signs and symptoms can allow minor acute injuries to develop into a chronic condition. Seeing a physiotherapist earlier rather then later can prevent an injury from becoming a long term problem and allow you to get back to what you enjoy.

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