Next Stop Sparta!

It’s been quite some time since the last blog post, so here’s a quick update on Helens fantastic progress and then I’ll discuss the plan moving forward into our latest adventure!

  • Helen can now walk most terrain pain free
  • Helen can now run pain free for short distances
  • Hip, knee and ankle complex far more stable with great functional strength and ROM
  • Increased whole body functional strength
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness

I cant express how huge these results are considering how long this has been going on (6+ years) and the degree of pain Helen was experiencing (10/10 on the pain scale). A true testament to Helens dedication to the programme and the fantastic team at WSP.

A new focus

Without making Helen sound like too much of a train-wreck we do have a couple more issues that have arisen as a result of a recent check in assessment.  There has been so much focus around Helens hip, knee and ankle that this has taken priority over other issues. Now we are able to focus a little more on Helen’s ‘niggly’ shoulder. After doing some further investigation we have found the following issues.

Hels shoulder

  • Poor scapular humeral communication – scapulohumeral rhythm
  • Forward humeral head
  • Slight thoracic kyphosys
  • Downward rotated and abducted scapulas
  • Tight pec minor and Levator Scapular

Our new plan:

  • Scapular humeral re programming
  • Static and dynamic postural correction
  • Inhibit pec minor and Levator Scap
  • Strengthen rhomboids, Upper trapezius and rotator cuff musculature
  • Proprioceptive work for shoulder joint and girdle
  • Integrate whole body movements and 3D movements into programming ASAP
  • Quickly progress to functional and sport specific strengthening (Race specific!)
  • Maintain and progress hip knee functional strength

Hels SB

Despite my love of pain and suffering 😉 my training philosophy is holistic.  I believe that training smarter not harder is the best approach, so I’ll be closely monitoring stress overload or ‘over reaching’ in regards to training (click here on my article on balancing stress). I am also strong believer in the power of play so I will try and package many of these rehabilitation issues in a play environment. I’ve found this increases adherence and creates a positive association with exercise moving away from the mundane nature of exercise (even rehab exercise), not to mention the positive physiological changes that occur as a result of play. I think this will also have a great carryover into the Spartan race that is full of pain and suffering but also fun (we think so anyway?!).

We have 5 weeks to work and a lot to achieve in this time, I will post the training plan sometime next week. Stay tuned!!

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