Am I Sparta?!

Sooo… because my leg rehab has been going (very well) for about 6 months now and it seems we’re suckers for punishment – I mean a good challenge – Carl and I have now registered for the Spartan Sprint race in Sydney on March 16th.  A short 5 weeks and 2 days away!  With this we’ve also decided to tie in a trip to The Castle – one of my favourite places, just off the NSW South Coast to revisit the ground where I first injured my leg in 2007.  These events will be the testing ground for my leg, and general biomechanics – which as Carl and the Willis Street Physiotherapy team have told you, tend to be a bit out of whack causing all manner of niggles and pain which have, in the past, prevented me from pursuing physical aspirations.  With any luck we’ll also fit in a skydive to celebrate Carl’s big 3-0.

the 8ft wall awaiting us at Picton.
the 8ft wall awaiting us at Picton.

I’ve always loved physical activity, more so out doors, in the wild with great company.  I’ve not so much been into competitive sports, so this whole competing in a race thing is a new thing for me.  I do however like the little adventure aspect of the Spartan race and see it as a good testing ground for future adventure racing.

The obstacles awaiting us at Picton
The obstacles awaiting us at Picton

This is not just purely physical though.  As anyone one of you with a chronic injury or wacky biomechanics knows, not being able to get out and do the stuff you love is a huge mental, spiritual and emotional challenge – in many different ways.  One of my big challenges at the moment is to really learn to trust in my body again – to be able to trust in it’s ability to complete the Spartan race pain free, or to get me in and, more importantly perhaps, out of a wilderness without needing to be carried!  It’s also going to be somewhat symbolic to return to the Castle – one of my all time favourite spiritual places and the place that triggered this whole rehab journey.

The view from half way up the Castle
The view from half way up the Castle

Over the course of the next 5 weeks we’re going to document our training programmes, rehab and nutrition plans so that you can see what we’re up to and use it for your own training preparations.

Will we be doing this on our trip too?  Let's hope so!
Will we be doing this on our trip too? Let’s hope so!

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